T2 Trainspotting Review

Sequels, in general, are often met with resistance to fans of the original; “Hollywood is out of ideas so they’re  rehashing old classics, the bastards.” This phrase or something along the lines of it is something directors, actors, writers and everyone else involved in the making of a film has to deal with, contradicting the masses and making a film that reflects well against its predecessor is paramount. Especially in the case of Danny Boyle’s T2: Trainspotting, the prequel to which is a contender for the picture in the dictionary beside the phrase “cult classic”. Luckily enough for Danny Boyle, this film exceeds expectations and presents itself as a near-perfect part 2.


The old Trainspotting gang are back, Renton, Spud, Simon and Begbie find themselves together again after 20 years. Resolution, reunions, revenge and relationships are just some of the key themes in T2, all of which are dealt with to humorous and delightful effect. Sequels often fail foremost in their dealing with nostalgia, but I would consider nostalgia this film’s best quality. There are no “cringe” moments, no awkward references and best of all the film does not hold back in recreating the original’s dirty, grey atmosphere and aesthetics.


The film is shot beautifully and the plot is built and edited in such a way that each character gets their time in the spotlight without leaving any character lacking in depth or likeability. Characters that weren’t able to show their full potential in Trainspotting are utilized in T2 and are used very effectively in both creating nostalgia and building a story around.


This film is definitely worthy of the Trainspotting name and to paraphrase Renton: choose life, choose Danny Boyle, choose Renton, Spud, Simon and Begbie, choose liking sequels and choose to save a tenner for the weekend to go see this movie in your local Odeon. Daniel Ryan


Director: Danny Boyle



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