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Anticipated Films of 2017 that I would Love to Surpass Expectations

It is often the case that over-hyping a film usually hinders the experience upon initial viewing. We build up so much hope and have a certain mental checklist for films that when the film fails to tick the boxes, we usually leave the film feeling disappointed. Nevertheless, this is a natural feeling that we have as cinema-goers and for the seven films that I have chosen here, I really don’t want these films to be good….I want them to be brilliant. So let’s kick things off (it is important to note that these films are in no particular order):

  1. BLADE RUNNER 2049 (Release date: October 7th, 2017): We are finally getting a sequel to the beloved sci-fi classic and we couldn’t have asked for a better cast, with Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto and Harrison Ford reprising his role as Deckard. For me, the original was a film that completely changed my perspective on film, having studied it for my Leaving Certificate, so I’m excited as hell. I’m also approaching with caution because this film could go one or two ways. Nevertheless, I think Denis Villeneuve is going to deliver once again and judging by the trailer, Roger Deakin’s cinematography will be breathtaking

    Ryan Gosling as Officer K
  2. SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING (Release date: 7th July, 2017) I don’t think that I have stated enough how much of a Spider Man fan I am. I loved the comics, the tv series, video games and the Sam Raimi films (heck I even enjoyed the first Amazing Spider Man film) so I am eagerly anticipating this film. I thought Tom Holland’s Spider-Man stole the show in Civil War and it looks like he is going to do it again here. That being said, I felt as though this film had made the same mistake as the Sony reboots of the Spider Man films by providing us with an extensive trailer that may have shown us too much. I’m hoping that this isn’t the case with Spider-Man: Homecoming and that Marvel can once again deliver the goods and show us that they know exactly what to do with this iconic character.18360849_1441977549200877_393481603_n
  3. ANNABELLE: CREATION (Release date: August 11th 2017): Now bear with me on this one, I hated the first Annabelle and if you had asked me back after I watched this monstrosity, I would have told you not a chance in hell. But the reason why I am excited for the film now is because of the director attached to the project: David F. Sandberg who directed last year’s effective little horror flick, Lights Out, which was based off his equally effective YouTube short film. It looks like the studio are attempting to repeat the same effect, like they did with the Ouija series (first was rubbish but second was a lot better due to Oculus and Hush director Mike Flanagan) I love me a good horror and here’s hoping this is one of them (I’m crossing my fingers as hard as I can).

    Still shot of Miranda Otto
  4. ALIEN: COVENANT (Release date: May 12th 2017) This film is right around the corner and I’ve managed to avoid all of the reviews so far. Unlike many, I wasn’t that disappointed with Prometheus back in 2012 but I did feel like there were some areas for improvement. We have Ridley Scott back in the directors seat, a stellar cast and a welcome return for one of the most iconic and well-known monsters in sci-fi horror movie history. I’m hoping this is in the same vein as the original and James Cameron’s sequel and we don’t get a dud like Alien 3. I cannot wait for this. 18386426_1441977512534214_310935759_n
  5. THE DARK TOWER (Release date: August 4th 2017): when one hears this title they automatically associate it with the fact that this film had been in development hell for years. It was going to be made, then it wasn’t, then it was going to be turn into a TV series, then it wasn’t, but now it’s finally here. I don’t know too much about the plot other than the fact that it’s an adaptation of Stephen King’s series of books and that Idris Elba plays a Gunslinger of sorts. I’m hoping that this film is nothing more than action thrill ride with some cool fantasy elements.

    Idris Elba stars in the Stephen King adaptation
  6. THE CIRCLE (Release Date: has been released in US on 28th of April but European release is unknown) This is based on the acclaimed novel by Dave Eggers and it looks to be an analysis of the current state of social media in our society and the positive and negative connotations it has on us as individuals. The reason why I’m excited for this is definitely because of the director James Ponsoldt, who has made some of my favourite independent films over the last few years like The Spectacular Now, Smashed and The End of Tour. Also, judging by the trailer, it looks as though Tom Hanks will be playing the film’s antagonist which is a really interesting choice because it is definitely something that we haven’t really seen him do in his career. I’m hoping that this film is both thought-provoking and a solidly crafted thriller.

    Still of Mae (Emma Watson)
  7. WAR OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (Release date: 17th July, 2017) Now I must admit, I did enjoy Rise of the Planet of the Apes but I didn’t think that it was the masterpiece that everyone was hailing it to be back in 2011. I did however love Dawn of the Planet of the Apes as it was a lot darker in tone and emotionally hefty due to the strong and effective direction of Matt Reeves. Well Reeves is back again to direct the third, and possibly final, instalment in this franchise and this time it’s all out war. I’m hoping that this both a great war movie and a great character study. Who knows, maybe the Academy might finally consider nominating Andy Serkis for his tremendous work as Caesar.  18424488_1441977629200869_2119213301_n

And those are my top 7 picks for anticipated films that I hope surpass expectations. But I am curious to know what your most anticipated films are? Are there any films that you really want to be incredible? Sean Moriarty


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