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New Music Sunday’s #5


I highly recommend that you all check out the album Our Generation which marks the debut of classical electronic pianist/composer Tokyo Myers . This guy is just fresh on the scene having won this year’s series of Britain’s Got Talent with his unique musical style. He blends a variety of styles ranging from classical piano tunes such as Clare De Lune with the work of mainstream artists such Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd etc. He brilliantly fuses these styles together during his time on his show and I was curious to see what he would achieve on a full length album. That being said, I do think that part of the appeal of Tokio performing was watching him perform these songs live with such passion and energy. It made it feel very grand and epic. So it doesn’t have as much enjoyment listening to the song without having him their in front of you showing how he managed to bring all of these musical elements together. But this is a solid debut from Mr. Myers and there are a ton of strong tracks here in particular Angel, Bloodstream. Red, Children and Baltimore. I am curious to see where he goes with his career. Maybe composing a soundtrack to a film? That could be a strong field for him to venture into. Give it a listen when you get the chance and see what you think.


– A double bill from Wolf Alice in their Spotify Singles playlist with Don’t Delete The Kisses and Song to the Siren, I was very impressed with these new tunes from the English rock quartet, both are very similar in that they give off a very chill and relaxed vibe and Ellie’s vocals have never sounded better than they do here. I think that this where she is  given her opportunity sine vocally as a singer rather than in some of the previous beaters that the band are most well known for composing such as Fluffy, Mona Lisa Smile, Your Loves Whore etc.  If I had to pick a favourite it would probably be Don’t Delete The Kisses but they’re definitely worth a listen.
Home by Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors and Bebe Rexha, I have to admit I was very surprised by this track. This is one of the many tracks that’s included in the OST to the upcoming Netflix film Bright which will be available for streaming on December 22nd and I must admit it’s not a bad tune. It doesn’t break any new ground for a rap/rock hybrid but its a fairly decent song. I wouldn’t have imagined a rap artist like Machine Gun Kelly and American rock group X Ambassadors to have worked off each other as well as they do here. Bebe Rexha does a pretty good job here with her feature vocals and I haven’t been a big fan of hers in the past. It’s pretty good stuff and a country mile better than Bastille’s snooze-fest of a song which also features on the OST. Check it out for yourselves and see what you think.
New Year’s Day by Taylor Swift, here’s another surprise. I have not liked any of the new
releases from Tay Tay’s latest album reputation. They have all had their production values cranked up to 11 with dark agressive bass beats and a desperate effort to sound edgy and mature. But here, she has cut all that back and has brought us a piano ballad which she debut on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show in honour of his mother who recently passed away. It’s a nice and charming little love ballad and it proves that this is something that she excels in. She doesn’t need to pretend like she’s some sort of psycho killer queen on a quest to slaughter all of the men who broke her heart. She can write a novel little ballad and sure it maybe cheesy but there nothing wrong with a bit of cheese. You can check out the performance on YouTube (
untitled (2).png


–  When You Open You’re Legs by Morrissey 
Golden Slumbers by Elbow
Walk On Water by Eminem feat. Beyoncé
List of People (To Try and Forget About) by Tame Impala 
Kings and Queens by Paloma Faith 
cycles by Tove Lo


This weeks Irish artist of the week comes in the form of an up and coming Irish electronic artist named Day_S. Now this guy hasn’t released a full length album yet but he does have a debut single under his belt titled Last Night and my word is it catchy. This guys vocals are out of this world. He has such a strong growl and rough voice and songs with such passion about drunken antics shared with a significant other on a night out. A common narrative for songwriters but there is just something about the way he tells this story with such passion and power in his voice. It’s the type of voice you would expect to here from the frontman of a rock group but it fits perfectly in this field of electronic beats. The drop is pretty good here and the build up is fine but it’s this guys voice that just excels this song into a different realm. I’m really looking forward to what else this guy has to bring to the table. Definitely check him out on Spotify and also be sure to give the acoustic version of the song a listen as well as its just as good as the main track.

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