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Halloween (1978): Retro Review

It comes once a year. A time like no other. Carved pumpkins in front of every house, kids dressed as witches, monsters and werewolves, mountain-sized piles of sweets and the older kids are out looking for a bit of ‘harmless’ fun. Oh yeah, and there just so happens to be a serial killer adorning a… Continue reading Halloween (1978): Retro Review

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Venom Review

Here's a quick little history lesson for you before I commence with the review. Back in 2002, Sony Pictures Entertainment purchased the rights to the Spider-Man franchise for a sum of $10 million. The first attempt at bringing Marvel's favourite web-head to the big-screen was directed by Sam Raimi and was both a huge financial… Continue reading Venom Review

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Retro Review: Predator (1987)

"I'm scared poncho" "Bullshit. You ain't afraid of no man" "There's something out there waiting for us......and it ain't no man."    This exchange of dialogue between two of the members of an elite military rescue team faced with the task of rescuing a group of hostages in the jungle of Central America. A mission… Continue reading Retro Review: Predator (1987)